Results in athletic performance have little to do with your goals. And, everything to do with the systems that you set in place. 

So I got to work and built a flexible eating blueprint for you to create a tailored everyday nutrition plan that works for YOU!

Fueling That Fits

online course

In less than 6 weeks, you'll create a flexible eating blueprint that showcases how to fuel your athlete body without interfering with your busy lifestyle. 

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Behind-the-Scenes Inside The Course!

I'm a dietitian expert in endurance athlete nutrition.

And, a food nerd when it comes to fueling epic
athletic endeavors. 

My obsession is teaching athletes to keep nutrition simple and FUN!

Figuring out your nutrition won't happen overnight. It's all dedicating yourself to progress, not perfection with your fueling. 

Hi, I'm Alex

  • Feeling stuck? Let's make sure that it's not your mindset that's holding you back.

  • Learning to master the mindset negotiations as you take action with your everyday eating habits. 

  • Practice key mental skills to help you see the best long-term outcomes. 

Mindset Management



Eating Appraisal

  • Discovering your current base eating pattern. 

  • Step-by-step process to evaluating your eating habits and food behaviors. 

Your Endurance Nutrition Needs

  • Learning the roles that nutrition play in your performance and body composition.

  • Athlete case study 

  • Getting started with estimating your energy and macronutrient needs



Handling Setbacks

  • Learning to use failure as a guide to success. 

  • Practicing tactics in handling challenges and obstacles in your day-to-day nutrition. 


Lasting Habit Changes

  • Learning the steps to forming life-long eating habits. 
  • Getting started with a system to creating an eating style that lasts.   

What's inside the course?

“Investing in Alex’s Fueling That Fits course was a fantastic decision. I ended the course feeling much more clarity on both nutrition information and what my personal nutrition goals are. Alex’s videos were easy to follow and the homework was well laid out and made me immediately start integrating the information I just learned into practice.

For some, myself included, the nutrition journey seems daunting and Alex helped to make it much more approachable. Thank you Alex for creating such a well thought-out and accessible course!”

- Michelle B


"I came to this because Alex said something which really resonated with me, `you're not exercising for weight loss, you're fueling for performance'. This felt like a hugely important mindset shift, but I still couldn't quite see how to implement it.

This course was fantastic for both consolidating that mindset shift, and providing some very practical, actionable tools to implement. It's changed how I eat, how I think about food and fueled me to a half-marathon and 5K PR last year. I seriously cannot recommend this enough for anyone trying to optimize their performance and their food relationship." 
-Emily O.


“Fueling That Fits was well thought out, with good content delivered in an easy-to-use way that guides you into thinking about your personal nutrition needs and goals and what changes you want to make, and how to make them. I learned a lot and feel more confident in making good choices and structuring diet and nutrition to be the best it can, would thoroughly recommend it.”

 - Richard P.


“The multistep course guided me through all aspects of my diet, beyond just what and how much I was eating. I left feeling very optimistic about the changes I needed to make. So happy I took the time to go through this process!”

-Rachel S. 


“I really enjoyed the course and feel more confident in making my food/nutrition decisions. Fueling your body is not rocket science, but it is complex enough to make you wonder am I asking myself the right questions about my nutrition. This course really helped me put words and ideas to my “gut feelings” and create a solid foundation to further build off of.” 

-Blake B. 


“Fueling that Fits helped me realize that nutrition changes do not need to be complicated and can fit into any busy lifestyle - even the smallest changes can make a big impact on how I feel during the day and in workouts.”

- Amy W.


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This online course is designed for athletes looking for...

This online course is NOT designed for athletes looking for...

  • Learning ways to fuel their day-to-day nutrition that fits their busy lifestyle

  • Not ready to commit to a full-immersive nutrition program

  • Science and evidenced-based nutrition practices

  • Focus on creating sustainable eating habits beyond the finish line

  • Flexible eating that fits all aspects of your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course a good alternative to your 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program? 

This online course serves as a precursor to the 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program. It's to help you get started with building improved eating habits that support your athlete lifestyle.

For accountability and personalized support and guidance, the 1-on-1 program will serve as the next step in your endurance nutrition journey. 

What's the time commitment of the course?

It's self-guided so you can work through the course at a pace that fits your schedule. But, likely will take about 4-6 weeks to complete course work. 

Will the course help me with fueling my training and races?

The course content is focused on improving your everyday nutrition. For support with fueling training and races that would be best suited for the 1:1 nutrition coaching program

Does this program work if I eat plant-based or gluten-free? 

Yes, the course is focused on providing you with a framework in how to fuel your body in your day-to-day, no matter how you eat. 

Will this program help me determine what and how to eat based upon my training? 

The course should definitely help you find some clarity!

There will be some food journaling involved to visualize what your current eating pattern looks like. The course will help you estimate your calorie and macronutrient needs based on your training.

Module 4 and 5 will talk through getting started in making improvements and being able to stick with them!


A registered dietitian nutritionist has the highest level of nutrition counseling education.

Only a registered dietitian nutritionist (RD or RDN) has completed multiple years of extensive education and training established by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND).

In addition to holding a bachelor's degree, a registered dietitian nutritionist must fulfill a specially designed, accredited nutrition curriculum, get accepted into and then complete an extensive supervised internship program of practice - typically 1200 hours - and successfully pass the 3-hour rigorous registration exam.

What's more, roughly half of all RDs and RDNs hold graduate degrees and additional certifications in specialty areas. 

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